Djomico d.o.o.
Address: Branka Radicevica 20/17
34000 Kragujevac
Phone: +381 34 302338
Mobile: +381 63 7765309
MATICNI BR: 20617993 PIB:106507532
BANCA INTESA 160-333973-70

Services & Upgrades

We have specialized in upgrading and repairing the old cut-to-length and slitting lines by giving them completely new functions.

During the last 21 years collected experience has been arise in manufacturing our own machines and lines. By putting the new machine in the line (Punch unit, V-notch Shears, Swing shears), by providing the step lap function or with the new stacking system, by repairing the part or by repairing the whole line, by changing or redesigning old systems customer gets exactly what it need. We also produce spare parts and tungsten-carbide tools for our and the old machines.

Our staff are field professionals who can give you at any time the best cost effective solutions.

We also want to emphasize our role in updating and renewing the ctl and slitting lines by upgrading them, improving functionality and increasing the outputs.

We will help you in implementation of step lap function, to change the old inefficient stacking system, or just to change the old worn out parts. On such way your old ctl will achieve the highest export quality.

Complete technical support, professional service and quick response is guarantee for long term cooperation.

Our company has implemented customer friendly service(cfs). Cfs doesn't offer just solution. It provides and advice different ways for the same problem resolving. Which way will be used depends on customer plans and capability and may be chosen only by customer itself.