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TURN UNIT for laminations stacks

Turning unit TS180 has been intented for turning  of transformer laminations packages  up to 8t and also with possibility for turning several packages at the same time.

Lamination packages has been inserted by the means of crane fork. After that device make significant pressing force with two bridges and make 180 degree turn after which the bridge has been open to alow operator discharging of package. This device is semiautomatic and working zone has been protected by two light curtains. This safety device is disconnected during loading and unloading sequence. No work is alowed when the curtains are off.

Technical Specification

TS 180 dimensions:

            Lenght                                                            8230 mm(9590mm)

            Width                                                                 1560mm(2060mm)

            Height                                                            2060mm

            Max Bridge openning                                       540mm

Gross weight:                                                            9500 kg

Power supply:

            Voltage                                                          3 x 380 V / 50 Hz

            Installed power                                                         7 kW


            Max pressure                                                            8 bar

Number of operator:                                                1

Max load                                                                         8000kg