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Transporter 40t has been intented for transporting the loads on the special made palets in max weight of 40t in and out of industrial facilities on the wheels with radio control device. The ground should be industrial and finnished with max inclinaton of 2degree. Transporter is 4 wheel drive with option of:

a/ paralel forward or backward movement(steight or angle)

b/ curved movement with only front wheels steering

c/ radical curved movement with front and back wheels steering

d/ 90 degree movement according to longitudinal axis of transporter


Main power  suply is electrical one and transporter pulls the power cable with self ejecting system for prevention of cable tightening. For the purpose of lifting the palets and selflifting it has 4 independent hydraulicpowerpack with  sets of 4 hydraulic cylinders for lifting purpose.For the purpose of steering the whees in place 4 additional cylinders for selflifting has been installed. Rotation of main wheels front and back are completly synchronized depending on chosen mode on radiocontrol user panel. Steering of transporter has been performed through wireless conection by industrial radiocontrol device. In front and back area are installed mechanical safety device for prevention of damage wheels and at the same time personal safety.

Technical Specification

Transporter dimensions:

            Lenght                                                            4050 mm

            Width                                                             2170mm

            Height                                                            420mm

            Lifting max                                                     50mm

            Selflifting max                                                 50mm

            Max speed                                                     50mm/s

Gross weight:                                                            8500 kg

Power supply:

            Voltage                                                          3 x 380 V / 50 Hz

            Installed power                                                         6 kW


            Max pressure                                                            160 bar

Number of operator:                                                1

Max load                                                                         40t


More technical features or variation upon request.