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CTL& Slitting lines

CTL lines for transformer industry are fully automatic CNC lines designed in various options in line with customer needs. It has fully integrated system for modern cutting configuration.

All the lines are made as modular systems and could be manufactured as custom machines. The customer itself can choose some of the options that satisfied its needs.

This vide variety depend on speed, width and stacking options. All lines are with vertical and horizontal step lap functions and could be designed with moveable tools.

We are also ready to help you in choosing the best possible options for your needs.


Slitting lines for transformer industry has been specially designed for slitting the silicon steel 0,23-0,35mm in thickness with improved and increased precision regarding the burr tolerance and slitting coil width.

They have been manufactured in two different dimensions depending on width of input coil and with various options depending on in feeding of input coils and out feeding of Output coils (Turn style or coil car).

Also the cutting options are available on request either with the spacer or Knife collets for fast achieving the required cutting gap.

Technical Specification

  CTL 400 CTL 600 CTL 1000
Width of sheet(mm) 40-400 60-600 80-1000
Length of sheet(mm) 400-2500 400-3500 500-5000
Thickness of sheet(mm) 0.23-0.35
Feeding speed max(m/min) 240
Accuracy of cutting length(mm) ±0.2
Cutting burr(mm) ≤0.01
Accuracy of cutting angle ±0.001°
Installed power(kW) 27 30 45
Compressed air consumption(m³/min) 3 5